Monday, January 17, 2011

HELLY MACKEREL! (Or: Why I Won't Be Giving This Recipe A Go Even Though It Contains Delicious Potatoes, Love.)

1. The writer has a hyphenated surname
2. His hyphenated surname begins with "Fearnly." (Sorry - Not appetizing)
3. "Start Happy" What kind of Magic Door Candyland Sesame Street syrupy Bosco blech is that?
4. Those slabs of fish still have their skins on them.
5. The writer uses the word "deeply." I hate the adverb "deeply" almost as much as I hate skin left on my fish slabs.


  1. Not just potatoes but "starchy potatoes." Why not specify that the fish are fishy and the onions are oniony?

  2. Thank you for not making that. It would be a great diet concept though. Make things like that. I'd feel like a balky child, invited to have dinner at a friend's house and then finding out that her mother made scary food.