Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't shoot, piano player

"[H]e seemed to be the typical college student and none had witnessed any unusual behavior from him in the past."


  1. Police Lt. Roger Schei said when Schaible filled the gun with black powder and tried to light it, the gun exploded.

    Never use black powder kids. Aqua Net is the propellant of choice and available at fine drug stores nearly everywhere. Plus it's much harder to overload volatile organics (gases) than solids.

    It sounds to me like the guy actually did a have the makings of a pipe bomb-one made out of plastic. Too bad about his fingers though.

  2. Meade: I need to help you put together a story about Dutch french fries.

    The Dutch normally eat fries (patatje) with mayonnaise instead ketchup--even at McDonalds.

    patatje speciaal are fries served with a mixture of mayo and curry sauce sprinkled with raw onions.

    patatje oorlog literally means fries, war-style. These are fries served with mayo and pinda (peanut) sauce also sprinkled with raw onions.


  3. And out here we have our beloved IN-N-OUT Burger Animal Style style fries: Special secret sauce, cheese & grilled onions.