Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome, smart and funny commenters from a blog, the name of which, we dare not mention!

But, okay, "guns" is in the title. That's right: GUNS!!

Have a look around, make yourselves at home, leave your misguidedly liberal calling card if you like, and, HERE, have a taste of potato-y/pasta goodness.


  1. Be sure not to miss this at your link.

    After a few year's hiatus, we decided to host a neighborhood block party in our cul du sac this Memorial Day. The theme will be L'Esprit du Cul. My son is in charge of making badges.

    The potato cannon is always a hit with the kids and will be featured.

  2. Thanks, chickenlittle.
    Badges, huh?
    Well, your son has the clear advantage of learning from the master badger maker himself.
    Have fun, keep it safe, and go easy on the mashed potatoes, as always.