Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The real deal.

DSC00372, originally uploaded by Ann Althouse.

Last night, I had the experiential pleasure of this delightful little Lithuanian dish.

Un-beet-lieve-ably divine!


  1. OT but I just ran across another example of verb named after a real person which fits with your themed collection here.

    The verb is mesmerize link.

  2. If you find Chanterelle mushrooms, try either frying or stewing potatoes along with these. Obviously fry up some onions to add into the mixture. This is the most expensive Russian potato dish, and typically the most delicious, at many NYC Russian restaurants.

  3. THank, Ex-Diss. I will try that. We love simple dishes with few ingredients here at the Meadhouse. If I can't find Chanterelles, I will try it with morels later this spring.